Vietnam: It’s Not your Daddy’s Socialist Republic

It’s one thing to tell your family and friends a surprise announcement that you’re getting married. It’s another thing to tell them that you’ve never met the woman before and you’re traveling 22000 km overseas to a Socialist country to meet her for the first time.

When I told my family, friends and coworkers that I was going to Vietnam red flags went up and their first instinct was to warn me with urban tales of woe. Of course. Most of what we’ve heard about Vietnam is related directly to the events of the Vietnam war and the subsequent mass exodus of displaced Vietnamese into unwelcoming communities in the States. Not to mention the American films, documentaries and blockbusters movies that came out of that era.

But those events occurred in another lifetime and things have changed drastically. In fact, things have changed so much that I found it fitting that my first international trip would be to another country with a completely different way of life.  If things did not work out with Nghia, at least the vacation itself would be noteworthy.

Either way, read how I planned to spend Seven Days In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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