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angelo in hong kong

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My name is Angelo J Bell and I am a screenwriter, author, blogger, I dabble in TV writing/producing and now I’m venturing into Travel Writing with my blog, The Write Travel.

The Write Travel started with my trip to Vietnam, my first international travel itinerary, and I became hooked. With this blog I am to do one thing: share real life, real world, and real people travel experiences. I will never sugar coat anything, and I will not pretend like we all have insanely massive amounts of discretionary income. I  don’t and most of the people I know use a conservative budget for travel.

I will share my experiences traveling alone, with my fiancée Nghia (from Vietnam) and with my family (I call them the Bell 4-Pack). Life is not all fun and games or roses and parades so I will share the good, bad, ugly and indifferent in addition to the roses and pink unicorn side.

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